Letter from the Prime Minister

July 3, 2016


The opening of the Elders Village reflects the Roebourne community’s cultural traditions, and its respect and care for elders. This facility will provide a place of care and recreation, gathering and celebration for many decades to come. It will ensure village elders have appropriate housing and that they can live together. The Ngarluma Elders Village is the result of the Pilbara’s Indigenous people working together with foresight to reclaim their land, using their assets for community benefit. All Australians, no matter where they live, should benefit from support and facilities that make life easier and more pleasant. I therefore thank everyone who played a part in the funding, planning and construction of the Ngarluma Elders Village. You have done a superb job, and generations of residents and visitors will benefit from your vision and drive.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP

Prime Minister of Australia

1 October 2015


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