Designing Inspiration Built Outcomes That Embraces Community Values

BA Architects understands that strong collaboration is required to ensure that community projects are completed successfully, on time and within budget.

From past experiences, BA Architects have been involved throughout an entire community project. From design & documentation, to identifying and applying for project funding, through to managing the entire project and incorporating stakeholder engagement.

Apart from the architectural service, our project management scope of services include:

  • Strategic planning to ensure the scope of the project meets community needs
  • This involves creating a collaborative yet strong management culture for the project
  • Leading the project team in the implementation of the project aims
  • Establishing excellent Stakeholder engagement with key government and business partners for funding
  • Feasibility studies, planning and programming the works
  • Utilise innovative analytical and problem solving skills, to community needs
  • Liaise with relevant authorities to obtain timely approvals
  • Continually inform the client on the technical, commercial, legal, financial and risk nature of the project
  • Negotiate with key contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders on behalf of the client for an successful outcome
  • Provide the main Contractor (builder) leadership, expertise and management support throughout a project
  • Establish and maintain a strong health and safety culture on site
  • Provide end-to-end management and delivery for the project
  • Handover

We have identified elements in the community project deliverability that provides community values, such as training during construction to community members.

Every project is delivered with relentless consistency, thought, care and foresight. We are committed to the success of your community.